Welcome Music Fans!

Lurman Woodland Theatre is an outdoor community amphitheater located in Catonsville Maryland. We have been bringing free concerts every weekend in June, July and August to this beautiful, naturally wooded setting year after year since 1992. We take pride in producing a program that includes many musical styles, from Big Band to Bluegrass, Rock to Reggae, Country to Cajun, and more!

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Did we mention all our shows are FREE?

All of our regular shows are free and open to the public. There is never an admission charge for the shows that are a part of the Summer Concert Series. We do accept donations and usually pass around a bucket to help support the program. The money we raise to operate comes through Grants, Sponsorship, and Donations from many businesses, organizations and you – our guests.

Pets, alcohol, drugs and grills are NOT PERMITTED

Call 1-877-278-0961 for up-to-date concert information

Upcoming Shows

6-8 PM Foreplay

Harmony Driven Rock Music of the 70's

Foreplay is a 70’s rock explosion!  Named after the iconic instrumental piece to Boston’s Foreplay/Longtime, Foreplay delivers the eclectic energy of this era.  By channeling their passion for the guitar and harmony driven rock music of the 70’s – in a concert-style performance – they’ll have you rockin’ and reminiscing.  But don’t take their word for it; come experience it for yourself! 

Foreplay band
6-8 PM Josh Christina Band

Early Rock ‘n Roll and Jerry Lee Lewis Piano

The infectious sound of modern Rockabilly artist Josh Christina hit the international airwaves on Ireland's Late Late Show in September of 2016.  Not only did it place his music upon the world stage, but also introduced this amazing style and sound to a new generation of music fans, followers and believers.  Josh spent the past 15 years honing his sound - a combination of the country, classic rock, big band and rockabilly he was raised on. And while most artists find the pressures of today's music scene to look and sound a certain way daunting, he continues to find success in both Baltimore, Nashville and beyond by doing what he does best - being himself.  Josh Christina is today's Rockabilly artist paving the way for a new generation of fans.

Josh Christina
6-8 PM Annapolis Bluegrass

Contemporary & Traditional Bluegrass

The Annapolis bluegrass coalition is the premier bluegrass band in the Annapolis, Maryland area.  With the traditional combination of banjo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar and bass fiddle, they offer traditional and contemporary compositions laced with three part harmonies and bluesy solos.  Their music has been described as ‘bluegrass fireworks.’  Rarely do you see artists that enjoy what they do as much as the Annapolis bluegrass coalition.  Their warmth and interaction with the audience makes you feel as if they are playing just for you, and that's exactly what they are doing. 

Annapolis Bluegrass playing outdoors
6-8 PM Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby

Rare Classic Rock     

Carey Ziegler's Expensive Hobby began in Reisterstown in 1998 and disbanded in 2008 with no intention of reforming.  In 2011, with the advent of social media, a friend of the band, Mikey Pacman, established a fan site on Facebook, and, to Ziegler’s surprise, a huge roster of fans and friends quickly joined up. It should be noted that, at this time, there was no band!  The group is currently playing cover material, which ranges from AC/DC to Zappa, including The Beatles, Chicago, Crosby Stills & Nash, Alan Parsons, Steely Dan, Supertramp, Toto, Yes, and the list goes on.  In their set lists, there is something for everyone.

Carey and Kajun